First blog – Acquiring and Retiring

Hello and welcome to Acquiring and Retiring I am Jamie Bradbury the founder of the business.

For my first blog I thought I would explain the idea behind why the business was created. I wanted to create a business that gives power to the client and leave things in their own hands. You are able using our website as both a buyer and a seller to speak to Dentistry practices freely and openly disclosing your identity as you see fit. For sellers this may encourage them to sell the business sooner than they previously thought if they get enticed into doing a deal.

We will of course be on hand for everyone that needs help and we have relationships with professional introducer who we can put you in touch with should you need any support along the way.

For those buyers that want a more hands on approach we offer what we call our Premium Buyer service which means you do not pay anything until you actually acquire a Dentistry practice.

We hope you like our website and please feel free to contact us for feedback or support whether you are looking to buy or sell a Dentistry practice.